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Your local Physiotherapy Professionals in Hobart

BODYSYTEM® is your local physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist in Hobart. In addition to our comprehensive range of services, we’ve also built our facilities around a wellness philosophy and positive ethos. 

Our Philosophy

At BODYSYSTEM® we have key philosophies regarding:
  • Excellence in physiotherapy services
  • Staff health and well-being
Your health and well-being are our primary concern which is why we continually strive to provide you with the best possible physiotherapy services. We think differently and believe in creating a holistic treatment plan for all our patients:
  • We offer longer than average treatment times to comprehensively assess and treat patients while keeping treatment frequency to a minimum
  • National networks are maintained with other physiotherapists and specialists who are industry leaders in hip and shoulder research
  • All staff continually upgrade their skills via participation in development courses, post graduate university education, and in-house education and training
We place the health and well-being of our staff at the top of our list of priorities. Healthy and stress free staff will offer you the best possible administrative and physiotherapy services. We do this by:
  • Offering flexible work hours for staff that are restricted to ensure that a work-life balance is maintained
  • Ensuring staff have a mixed case load of responsibilities and tasks they perform
  • Providing a work environment that is of the highest possible standard of comfort, hygiene and convenience
  • We do not expect staff to work overtime, late at night or on weekends
In 2009, Kellie Wilkie, one of the directors of BODYSYSTEM®, won the Marie Claire Young Telstra Business Woman of the Year and was commended for the importance she placed on the health and well-being of staff. We believe that healthy and happy staff maintains a passion for the provision of the best possible services which links to our two key philosophies.
BODYSYSTEM® was also one of the recipients of the 2010 Employer Of Choice Awards. This award was given in recognition of our commitment to providing staff with a healthy work-life balance and a positive work environment.
Interior view of the gym

Our Gym

The BODYSYSTEM® Rehab Studio was developed with you in mind. We believe that you deserve an exercise program that meets your individual needs. This is not the place for a one-program-fits-all plan.Our prescribed exercise programs are designed to target your problem areas and strengthen regions of your body that need development. Not only do we address your specific physical condition we also help prevent physical problems that may arise in the future. We have the most dedicated Physiotherapists to help you on your way to better health and our specialised gym equipment will help you with the rehabilitation and treatment of your injury.

Injury Prevention Is Our Top Priority

Not injured? We can still help. If your goal is to prevent injury, improve your balance or improve your overall strength then we will work with you to help achieve that. We all want the same thing, which is for you to have a good day everyday.
You can choose from three main services on offer at the BODYSYSTEM® Rehab Studio:

Small Group Classes
The BODYSYSTEM® Group classes are designed and run by our Physiotherapists to meet the collective needs of those wanting to improve stability, strength, balance or sports specific goals. There are several classes to choose from and each class is composed of at most 6 participants, keeping each session small for better supervision and results.

This is a cost effective and fun way of keeping you fit!

Classes currently on offer:
  • Stability
  • Strength and Stability
  • Strength and Balance
  • Stability for Kids
  • Antenatal and Post-natal
  • Sport Specific Classes (including Rowing, Swimming and Football sports)

Supervised Individual Sessions
Supervised Individual Sessions are for you if you are after a customised exercise program that addresses your specific problems.
The supervised individual session starts with a one hour, one on one gym session with a Physiotherapist who will help create your own special program. You are also taught how to use the specialised equipment safely.
Once a program is created for you, you can continue to perform your exercises under individual supervision of a physiotherapist, or in an open group session when you are more independent.

Your physiotherapist will be supervising only you and no one else during the individual sessions.

Supervised Open Rehab Sessions
Supervised Open Rehab sessions are 60 minute scheduled periods that you can join once you are more independent with your program.
You can start doing the supervised open rehab sessions after you have completed a one hour Supervised Individual Rehab Session with one of our physiotherapists.

A physiotherapist will be available to supervise up to 3 people in the rehab studio and can progress your program as needed.

Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is offered at the BODYSYSTEM® Rehab Studio, and is integrated into the "Individual" or "Open" rehabilitation sessions

Our Research

  • BODYSYSTEM® is committed to ensuring all physiotherapy staff maintain an up-to-date knowledge of current research in the field of sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy through regular reading of journals, attendances at national conferences, in-house education sessions and attendance at continuing education courses both locally and interstate
  • BODYSYSTEM®‘s physiotherapy staff have been published in both peer reviewed journals and textbooks. In particular, Kellie Wilkie and Kate Moore have both had papers published in the field of sports physiotherapy.
  • BODYSYSTEM®‘s premises are used as a research testing facility. Physiotherapy staff regularly assists in the collection and collation of research data, and implementation of clinical trials.
  • BODYSYSTEM® has also been involved in assisting other researchers in the collection of data, both nationally and internationally
Training session in progress at the gym


We offer Clinical Pilates and also PINC and STEEL sessions at the BODYSYSTEM® Rehab Studio.

Clinical Pilates exercise programs are highly effective in building your strength, flexibility, endurance and improving your overall coordination. Our physiotherapists offering clinical Pilates services can design a customised program for you with an understanding of your own specific physical needs and injuries in mind. 

Clinical Pilates sessions may be claimed from your private health fund.

PINC and STEEL pilates are specifically designed program for patients who have, or have had, cancer. Anyone interested in starting the PINC or STEEL Pilates program must come in for a screening that is a FREE service we offer. This will help the Physiotherapist determine what kind of program is best suited for you.

Open Rehab Sessions

Open rehab sessions are scheduled over 2-4 hour periods.

You must book your start and finish times so we can ensure that no more than 3 people are using the Pilates equipment at any one time.

You are able to use our other gym and aerobic equipment in addition to your Pilates program during this time.

We are committed to providing Pilates exercise prescription specific to an individual’s needs—therefore we do not offer classes for this service. Clinical Pilate’s sessions attract private health rebate with most funds.


We encourage all sporting organisations or specific sporting events wanting provision of Physiotherapy services to make direct contact with us. We aim to encourage and facilitate safe participation in sport within our local community and with athletes competing at any level. The scope of services that we provide include:
  • Sports specific injury prevention and performance optimisation classes for swimming, rowing and football sports
  • Education session on request to any sporting group with topics ranging from stretching, active warm up, injury prevention and injury management
  • Coverage of a local sporting event
  • Travel with a sporting team
  • Regular services to a local sporting group/team
Currently we have many of our physiotherapists directly associated with sporting teams and they include:
  • Kellie Wilkie is the Lead Physiotherapist with Rowing Australia, she worked at London 2012 and is heading to Rio 2016.
  • Aleem Khalfan provides services for Rowing Australia, Football Federation Tasmania ,and is the Tennis Australia National Academy Physiotherapist for Tasmania
  • Nick Wilson provides services for AFL Tasmania and the AFL Development program
  • Nick Campbell provides service to Football Federation Tasmania
  • Emily Khalfan provides services to local and state Netballers, she also worked at the World Cup in 2015
  • Kate Young providing education to swimming, gymnastic groups and has travelled with Water Polo Australia
  • Fiona Hamilton provides services to dancing and gymnastics groups
  • Kellie Wilkie and Aleem Khalfan are also consultants of the Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS).
If your team has a specific need or you would like to find out about how these services work, please contact us.

Aquatic Physiotherapy Solutions In Hobart

Aquatic Physiotherapy is a service offered by BODYSYSTEM® at an off site facility. All Aquatic Physiotherapy programs are designed and run by our physiotherapists to ensure the best possible results. Aquatic Physiotherapy uses the properties of water to achieve rehabilitation outcomes that can be superior to those achieved ‘on land’. It works because your body weight is relieved, in the water allowing for greater freedom of movement. The pool is heated to a comfortable 30 degrees Celsius – this warmth combined with the water’s buoyancy eliminate the fear of falling and encourage relaxation.
Body system AQUA
We highly recommend Aquatic Physiotherapy for patients who need to:
  • Regain full range of joint motion
  • Improve strength and balance
  • Enhance core/spinal stabilising muscle abilities
  • Improve pelvic stability
  • Improve shoulder girdle stability
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and exercise tolerance
All programs are designed with function in mind, so you can improve movements in everyday life and enhance your exercise performance.

Individual “Land-Based” Assessment

You will need to have a one off ‘land-based’ assessment before you start your Aquatic Physiotherapy treatment to determine which program will suit. 

The land-based assessment also allows our Physiotherapist to establish rehabilitation needs and assess function so that progress is able to be re-assessed at a later date. 

This way we ensure that you achieve optimal benefit from participation in Aquatic Physiotherapy.
Aquatic Physiotherapy in progress

Call (03) 6231 5991 today and try our Aquatic Physiotherapy program!

We currently offer 1:1 Aquatic Physiotherapy consultation with our physiotherapists. 

The BODYSYSTEM® Aquatic Physiotherapy program is structured to allow our Physiotherapists to supervise you for long enough to develop a self-managed treatment plan specific to your needs. The ultimate aim is for you to perform the program independently in a pool of your choice.

Find out more about what we offer. Call (03) 6231 5991!

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